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tv   Action News  ABC  April 17, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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targeted a romantic rival. authorities arrested nearly a dozen child predators, alleged child predators in the philadelphia area, up next on "action news". this is where it all happened the 4400 block of north 17th street dedewas walking on sidewalk outside her home when she was struck
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by a car. police say it was no accident. a romantic rival behind the wheel. hours later doctors had to amputate her leg. it is friday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is a assault by auto in the tioga nicetown section of philadelphia. live at einstein medical center tonight "action news" reporter walter perez walter. >> reporter: jim, anyway you look at it this was a senseless crime. friend and neighbors say it started as a spat over a man and ended with a grizzly hit and run. twenty-four year-old victim losing her leg. then a devastating house fire. family and friend of the 24 year-old beatrice spence affectionately known as dedesay they cannot believe the the circumstance that he is ended with dedein the hospital with critical injuries. >> she ran her over. she ran her over. she ran her over. she ran her over. >> reporter: those same friend and family say they know who did it. they say dede, and a woman identified only as precious
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were embroiled in the bitter dispute over a man they both dated. investigators say tensions bowled over this afternoon when the the suspect pulled up down the street in this white durango waiting for dedeto come outside her house on north 17th street. neighbors tell us they could hear the whole thing unfold. >> i was upstairs. i heard a car ref up. i her people screaming. >> reporter: the the suspect allegedly drove up on the sidewalk and randy deover, leaving her unconscious anded aboutly injured. this surveillance video shows durango with front end damage leaving the scene, come back and then drive away. then in the cruel twist of fate as dede's mother stayed by her identify in the ambulance she forgot that dinner was cooking and she left the stove on. the the pot eventually caught fire and their home was destroyed. tonight loved ones are simply overcome with grief. >> the whole house burned down, and so now she has nothing. now she has nothing.
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this is a catastrophe. >> reporter: so once again the victim is out of surgery. she lost her leg. she remains in critical condition. so far tonight no arrests in this case. anyone with any information is asked to call philadelphia police. reporting live from einstein medical center walter perez for channel six "action news". in another hit and run that has shocked the community, a vigil was held it in for the two-year old boy who was struck and killed this week in west kensington. they prayed for justice for little david alycia. his mother, who was also injured in the incident on monday, is out of the hospital and was there tonight at lehigh and masher, to mourn. investigators say they now know who was responsible for deadly crash. they recovered a vehicle to day but say owner was not the one behind the the wheel. a relative of his girlfriend apparently borrowed the car and then took off after the crash. >> our prayers have been
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answered because you know, think that, you know, at the the end of the the day, we will get our justice for what happened to the baby. >> police have not publicly identified whom they are looking for. chopper six was over an apartment building fire tonight in northeast philadelphia that broke out at 8:30 on the the 2200 block of winchester avenue. fortunately fire fighters were able to make quick work of it within 20 minutes and nobody was hurt. a mother and her boyfriend both from norwood delaware county, tonight stand charged with murder in the death of the woman's two-year old son. little mason hunt died on february 3rd allegedly beaten to death. the the mother's boyfriend daniel grafton told police that the boy died in the bathtub but the the me found that the child had been badly beaten. the his mother shanon matthews, has also been charged with the murder. about two dozen people have been arrested in a child porn graph i crackdown
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spanning the five county area. this operation has been going on for the last two weeks. agents made their final raid today. >> that is the way it looks in the 5100 block of bingham street in the feltonville section of philadelphia. investigators say jared perez has been down loading pornography over past two weeks. they found files depicting a little girl as young as five years old. fbi agents on the hunt for serial bank bandit said they have finally found their man. the authorities say a tip, helped lead them to 40 year-old rashon mitchell. he was wanted for the at least four robberies in philadelphia and delaware county. three of them just within the past week. for now he is only being charged with the hold up of a center city republic bank on february 28th. philadelphia police have made another arrest in last
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weeks gas station gang beating. surveillance video shows seven people piling out of the minivan and relentlessly pummeling a 51 year-old homeless man with fists, feet, a piece of wood, and a hammer. it happened at the sunoco at fifth and somerville in olney on april 7th. two women have already been arrested. now 23 year-old keisha dougins is facing charges of attempted murder conspiracy and numerous other counts. loved ones are still morning a well known fruit vend honor penn's campus murdered outside his south philadelphia home. tomorrow marks two year anniversary of don ly's killing and yet the crime remains unsolved. somebody stabbed the grandfather outside of his house on ballmer street near fourth and shunk, as he was on his way to work at 5:00 a.m. he wasn't robbed. the motive remains a mystery but it is hoped renewed attention on this surveillance video of the suspect and
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$25,000 in reward money could lead to an arrest. from our new jersey news room tonight former atlantic city fire chief, in the center of the pants dropping scandal, will still receive his $13,000 a month retirement pension. dennis brooks was put on administrative leave following the incident in march in the public safety building. he then retired april 1st after serving eight years as chief. also in atlantic city, literal power struggle at the revel in atlantic city has taken another turn tonight as a federal judge is banning the new owner from hooking up electric lines. last week the the utility plant cut off service, so glenn straub brought in backup generators but today's temporary restraining order prohibits him from attaching those generators to the utility plant's equipment inside revel. atlantic city has been fining straub $5,000 a day, every day, that the revel remains in the dark. pennsylvania's jobless
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rate picked up in the third month in a row. the state labor department says unemployment rose to 5.3 percent last month. that is a tenth of a percent higher then february. officials say number of jobs was down as a number of job seekers went up. most jobs were lost in the education and health services sectors, construction showed the biggest gain. the the federal government issued an emergency order tonight regarding a danger that we exposed in an "action news" investigation earlier this year. the concern is over trains, transporting crude oil right through urban neighborhood. you had may not have realized philadelphia's fast becoming one of america's major energy hubs and that means millions of gallons are crossing the rails in our area every month. well critics give them inflammatory names bomb trains. it comes in the wake of the fiery explosion in recent years, including one in canada that killed 47 people and more recently a derailment and
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blast in west virginia. to increase safety the federal transportation department today ordered speed limits at no more than 40 miles an hour for these trains, when traveling in what they call high threat urban areas, like philadelphia. officials also advised railroads to use the the latest technology to check for flaws, and train wheels that can cause a crash. two trains carrying crude had derailed in philadelphia in less than a year and a half. fortunately neither led to explosions. still to come on "action news" tonight, this is in facebook hoax. hear why authorities say an irate flier stabbed another passenger with a pen. plus a multi million-dollar mission to space for the astronauts it is first chance to try real coffee, espresso in fact, in orbit. yes, that is spring snow causing dangerous white out conditions and highway crashes out west, cecily. they are getting snow out
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west, four of the past five days temperatures have been in the 70's i'm tracking warmest weather so far this year. also heavy rain. i'll have details in the accu weather forecast. nim's nydia han, beauty in the box, these services are all of the raid but is it worth your money, consumer report has answers. and the flyers are in search of a new head coach tonight. jamie apody with that and phillies highlights when "action news" continues.
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and just like that the snow is gone. and parkas become jackets. and sweaters go down for a long nap. and off you go. and your backyard gets a whole lot bigger. and you're running... and climbing... and your gear gets lighter and trimmer, and fitter and smarter. and now every frozen second spent willing this day to come is just a warm fading memory. ♪
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this is as a result of the gas explosion at a gun range in fresno california this afternoon. officials think that it was caused when a work crew made up have of inmates hit a pipe caring natural gas. fifteen people were injured. thirteen of those were inmates.
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authorities are calling it a case of air rage. a woman has been accused of poking a man with a pen because she says he was snoring. here's the the evidence the man's shirt with blue ink. that flight was about to take off from chicago when this happen. would the man was not charge but she was removed from the flight and put on another plane. out west old man winter, isn't going quietly into the night. a surprise snowstorm caused near white out conditions on a wyoming highway today trapping scores of drivers. more than 30 semis and more than a dozen cars were involved in the massive chain reaction crash, two dozen people had to be to the hospital rescuers went from vehicle to vehicle, marking those that they had to check with an x similar to what one might see after a natural disaster. oklahoma has become the first tait in the country to approve nitrogen as fixation as a means of execution. nitrogen gas can now be used in case there is a shortage of drugs for a lethal injection
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or a court order banning lethal injection. there is no record if nitrogen gas ever being used before to execute humans. number two official under saddam hussein has been reportedly been killed by government forces in iraq. abraham, was gun down with nine body guard near continuing writ. the hometown and political base of saddam hussein. he was famous for his red mustache was king of clubs on the deck of card in the most wanted iraqi regime and fugitives. a large car bomb explode today in the iraqi city right next to the american consul. this is the capitol of the kurdish autonomy zone, officials say that three people were killed, and five were wounded there were no american casualties. word came today from the vatican that pope francis is considering going to cuba before or after he visits the you had in september. of course the pope is
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credited with playing a key role in helping the u.s. and cuba begin the process of normal icing relations. officials say that talks between the holy sea and cube air still at an early stage. the the first espresso maker designed exclusively for astronauts has reached the international space station. this is video of today's docking of the space x capsule, the supply ship is carrying 2 tons of much needed groceries, equipment, and science experiments but the thing that everybody is talking about and most desired at least for italian astronauts stuck with instant coffee since november are espresso pod that will test whether hot liquid beverages can be made in low earth orbit. if you think it would be nice to come home and find a package full of goodies just for you, that is the appeal of beauty box a subscription service. they deliver samples of sample of make up and skin care
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products every month. consumer reporter nydia han checks out is what inside. >> reporter: it is said good things come in small panning ages. what do you get when you get a beauty box subscription. consumer reports decided to find out. >> so, let me see what we have here. >> reporter: consumer report shop smart signed up for eight services. packaging range from eco friendly to pretty color coordinated boxes. >> in many cases we took a short quiz so they could send us product. we answered questions to point to classic rather than trending style. >> reporter: service cost between ten and $25 a month and contain four to six samples from hair sprays to nail will polish to beauty tools. how did the boxes stack up. >> best ones are best way to try a new product but in our try out we found some give you more for your money than others. >> reporter: beauty army for example, it cost $12 but mostly tiny samples kind you
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might get for free in a department store. >> you compare that to the full size product we get from the other services. >> it is less substantial. >> reporter: others gave more beauty bang for the buck. at $10 burch box delivered generous sizes perfect for taking on a trip. and, glassy box was hand down favorite. it promises five luxury beauty products each month for $21. >> gloss i box delivered. the box was beautiful. so were products inside full size in color we would actually use. real value for the money. >> reporter: with glossy box and most of the other services you can stop getting them whenever you want but you often get a discount if you sign up for several months at a time. i'm nydia han fochannel six "action news". delaware county woman marked a milestone surrounded by family and friend. helen, celebrated her 102nd birthday at prospect park health and rehabilitation center. helen and her friend were treated to change and ice cream and a special birthday
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serenade. from all of us at "action news", helen, happy birthday. >> she looks fantastic. 102. >> yes. >> well, gorgeous accu weather weekend, here's cecily tynan. >> if you have a week even birthday party take it outside. storm tracker six live double scan showing that we have dry conditions, a couple of sprinkles, near tuckahoe right now but generally things are clearing out very nicely. so lets go live on sky six and take a look at sky six from temple university. what a great looking shot of the sky line and broad street all a glow under partly cloudy skies. pretty warm conditions. still 65 degrees in philadelphia, down from a high of 74 degrees today. allah even town 56. leading 53. wilmington 54. millville, 62. sea isle city, 58 degrees. satellite six is showing cloud, we're going through the day and you can see except for one sprinkle, right there
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cape may county skies are clearing out very nicely, and any of these cloud are over southern delaware southern new jersey will continue to push the south in the overnight hours. the load of sunshine tomorrow, and very warm conditions. feeling a little bit like summer. future tracker showing at 10:00 the in the morning already 66 degrees. already warmer than our normal high for this time of the year which is 65. temperatures really the blow torch effect by the afternoon. 78 degrees at 5:00 o'clock, and a lot of sunshine. don't forget the sun screen tomorrow. we will need it. the problem is cold front will push in. this will kick up the the wind north and west of philadelphia, so a weather watch has been posted with windy conditions and very low relative humidity, doesn't take much to spark a brush fire so be very careful with any open flames. they will be throwing your cigarette butt out the the window because that can start a brush fire which can be spread very quickly with high
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gusty wind. gorgeous tomorrow. 78 degrees. loads of sunshine. this cold front moves through late in the afternoon early in the evening. the it comes through dry but what this does is first wind out of the poverty west and then east on sunday what this means is it will be cooler. seasonal 64 degrees but this high pressure to the north will bring us sunshine on sunday with those high thin clouds. then on month big changes high pressure moves out. low pressure complex moves from the southwest and that means a rainy day. we will see a couple of waves of rainy can say, friday night, generally one to two and a half inches on monday. this will be the biggest soaking we have had in more than a month. so the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast 78 degrees. load of sunshine. on sunday high thin cloud, cooler but seasonal 64 degrees. monday will be wet and windy, future tracker showing some heavy rain for the morning commute. we will probably have another wave of heavy rain for the evening commute but it is out
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of here by tuesday, 71 degrees. wednesday nice cooler. but then temperatures dip down. thursday some showers 60. and then friday, 58 degrees, 9 degrees below normal but weekend plenty of sunshine, 78 degrees tomorrow. put that sun screen on both days. >> we will take it. >> thanks, cecily. they were dancing the night away at springfield high school delaware county tonight. student took part in the 13th annual steve stephani dance marathon. this thon started at 6:00 tonight and will go until 9:00 tomorrow morning. the event raises money for four diamond fund which helps children battling cancer and their families. this is what these young people will be doing until 6:00 o'clock tomorrow morning walking around the track at rowan university in glassboro, new jersey. students are taking part in carnival for a cure to raise money to fight cancer. they started their walk at 6:00 o'clock tonight which means they will get for 12
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straight hours.
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and, every father knows,
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including this one, daughters can grow up in the blink of an eye. so tonight was extra special for these dad in drexel hill. this is the great guy dance where dad escorted their daughters for a night of dancing and fun. and these young ladies were all girl scouts from service unit 507 in marple newtown. making a special appearance one of our favorite girl scouts josey dennis, who was there with her dad matt dennis who is an executive producer here at "action news". they make a cute couple. >> they are cute. >> there you go. philadelphia flyers need to find a new coach. >> they do, again, this happens a lot with them. ten coaches in 20 years. that will be flyers fate that gm ron hextall fired coach craig berube. he was told he would be let go this morning after almost two seasons at the helm. berube took over for peter laviolette, last season. chief's record just over 500 but team clearly under performed . especially on the road.
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hextall made the decision last night after, telling him he wanted to take his time with determining berube's future. what is he looking for mountain next head coach. >> the right coach gets the the the most out of everybody. we've got some young players coming, we have some young players on the roster. we have some young players in the minors. i will be cognizant of that. we have to get the most out of your veterans as well. having a coach is a tough call, we will do a lot of research and come up with the right guy. >> it doesn't matter if ryan howard hits fourth or seventh the phillies line up is not scoring any runs. the chase utley is batting .132, zero for 13 since tuesday. four guys starting under batting 200. phillies starting pitching isn't fairing much better. bryce harper hid a three run home run in the first to get this thing started on the wrong foot tonight. ryan zimmerman add sod insurance. he just kills phillies. double down the the right
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field line scoring two more. phillies fall seven-two. sixth straight loss. they have failed to score two runs in six of their 11 games. coming up a local high schooler with one impressive dunk plus golf, the jaguars might this be a new trend jim, we will find out later in sports.
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thirteen days away from the day we have been waiting for nfl draft. we know eagles need plenty of football players because they have pretty good basketball players. charity hoops game in hopewell crest in bridgeton, new jersey. brandon boykin laying it up against some local kids. very nice. not to be out done, crowd had to love jordan matthews, throwing it down. good news even if they have trouble scoring on the field this year, maybe matthews can play for the sixers.
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here's someone else sixers should look at, thinks roman catholic junior nazr bostic dunking over 47th graders. bostic put on quite a show. tomorrow he will ding over seven kindergarteners he tells me. a golf story you have to see. he may not be a tiger because that is because he ace a jaguar. charity event in saw grass that is jacksonville jaguars mascot teeing off on the 17 hole and closest to the pin contest. he won it. his shot landed a few feet from the cup. jacksonville is his name, and animals wearing 30-pound of fake fur managed to play golf better than you jim gardner. >> i know. >> we have seen a lot of pros put the ball in the the water. >> is that unbelievable. >> yeah. >> yes. >> finally you have have seen many of our reporters and anchors at events, as mc's or keynote speakers. well tonight an audience got a chance to hear what it is like behind the camera.
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"action news" photographer ricky harris spent this friday night talking with students at mastery charter school, in the logan section of philadelphia. ricky has been with "action news" for more than 20 years and so he has lots of stories to tell even store business cecily and jamie. >> oh, yeah. >> tonight's event was part of the a send program which helps prepare for kid for life after high school. jimmy kimmel live is next on channel six followed by night line. "action news" continues at 5:30 a.m. for cecily tynan, jamie apody, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team have a good night, and a terrific weekend. >> ♪♪
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- dwayne johnson. rihanna. and music from death cab for cutie. with cleto and the cletones. and now, after all is said and done, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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